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About Bremdale Coastal Gardens

Bremdale is able to farm year round due to its warm and protected coastal location. This enables us to offer early harvests well ahead of our competitors. The land is tile drained thus it can withstand the rainy seasons well. There are two wells on site including one solely for irrigation, and some of the sections are riverfront. We have a good transport network to send produce to wholesale outlets throughout NZ, as well as seasonal produce supplied from our shed/shop that is supplemented by our large family vegetable garden, walnut and fruit trees, herbal products, and honey. Occassionally, Roger will go to the Farmers Markets to offer his produce.

Our nationally-featured garden tours, as seen on Maggie Barry’s TV Garden Show series launched in 1999 (that was filmed in 1997), are available to visit October through May by arrangement.

To watch the You-Tube video clip from the Maggie Barry show click here.

Other seasonal services available by appointment are the nutritional lifestyle sessions and products. Various quaint cottages and caravans on the property enable us to house workers, guests, and market holiday accommodation.