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We promote the freedom of choice to use the natural laws of herbs and know the forgotten wisdom to use “Natures Alchemy”. This inspires us to bring together a holistic approach to total well being with herbal foods and nature's supplements. (See lifestyle coaching - What we offer)

Herbs are in tune with the rhythms of the cosmos. Like all Sentient Beings they have Wisdom, Will and Emotion. Plants exist to transmute light into life through the process of photosynthesis. Human beings exist to transmute life into consciousness. We are interdependent on plants, which convert sunlight and the minerals of the Earth into life. The plants feed our physiology, our minds and our nervous systems to help the processes of growth and consciousness. The entire universe is a metamorphosis of light. The growth of consciousness involves Love, for only Love can embrace all. The plant converts light into life, the human being converts life into Love. Light, Life and Love is the Natural progression. To do this consciously involving the right use of plants is the deeper meaning of the Herbs of Eden. “Eden” from ancient Sumerian means an “Uncultivated Garden”. These herbs contain the Embodied Spirit and today hold the key to the healing of Nations.